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Data Protection

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We value our relationship with all of our clients and contacts and take Data Protection very seriously.

It is therefore important that you fully understand what information we retain and how we use it.

Our stated policy is as follows:

1. The only information that we store is name, business address, business telephone (and mobile number if supplied) and business email address. We retain no  personal information.

2. We will only use these details to make contact with you for the following reasons:

  • routine communication with clients
  • notifying you of forthcoming events
  • notifying you of public information that we feel would be of interest to you

3. These contact details will be reviewed by us annually; we will  delete the information  if it is no longer relevant to our business.

4. Requests to find out what information we retain about our contacts and clients will be answered within 14 working days; this includes the right to be deleted from our records

5. We never disclose any contact information to third parties.

Thank you.