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Construction marketing in the digital age

February 3rd, 2014 | nickbt | Tags:

Focus your Construction Marketing

Construction marketing for too long has been reactive, with firms being reliant on “winning” specific projects. Too rarely do the participants actually focus on clients/targets, their business needs and how they can develop effective relationships with them.

Properly used, digital marketing represents a great opportunity for the industry to both keep in touch with clients and also raise their credibility. However, Mark Durkin (Professor of Marketing at University of Ulster Business School) has raised concerns over the way that “Digital customers are revolting.” He has stated that “It is imperative therefore that small firm owner/managers learn from the mistakes of larger enterprises and use their customer closeness as an advantage to understand how such new media can be deployed appropriately to enrich the customer relationship. By doing this customers, rather than revolting, will be champions for the enterprise concerned.”

With an ever-growing number of people taking part in digital marketing, an analysis of the amount of communication that is spread via the internet makes interesting reading:

  • total global email accounts will exceed 4 billion during 2014
  • business email accounts will exceed 1 billion during 2014
  • over 100 billion business emails are sent and received every day
  • more than 500 million Tweets are sent every day

So, how to make sure that your firm’s message is actually noticed and read in that part of the £100bn construction market that is relevant to you?

  1. Every firm’s needs are different, as are their customers – one size doesn’t fit all
  2. Identify the firms and the key people you wish to influence
  3. Use the right media for your audience – do some research (e.g. LinkedIn contact details)
  4. Make sure the message is of interest to their needs – not just yours!
  5. Give some of your knowledge away – it raises credibility and trust
  6. Keep at it – it needs to be a regular activity to keep momentum
  7. BUT this is just part of the marketing mix and do not neglect the networking, personal contacts etc

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